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Silich Construction offers a variety of services customized to fit individual client’s needs.  The delivery methods outlined below will be tailored to meet the unique requirements and the eventual goals of you, the end user, we will be responsive to your needs while maintaining a strong commitment to unerring service, flexibility and clear, consider communication.

Pre Construction& Due Dillegence


  • Design Review/Consultant Coordination

  • Design Build

  • Budgeting/Strategic Planning

  • Estimating/Value Engineering

  • Constructability Analysis/Quantitative & Qualitative

  • Sub Contructor Qualification & Selection

  • Preparation of Bid Packages

  • Negotiating Construction Contracts/Project Buyout  

  • Risk Management


General Contracting


This well defined, time tested delivery method accounts for ninety five percent of Silich Construction’s active services.  The services provided include but are not limited to:


  • Project Management and Field Supervision

  • Clear, Concise, Effective communication with the project team stakeholders

  • Schedule Management

  • Precise Dissemination of Information to all sub contractors, consultants, and stakeholders

  • Document Control

  • Quality Assurance

  • OSHA Compliance by all Subcontractors and Vendors


Construction Manager


As the Construction Manager (CM), Silich contracts with the owner to manage and oversee the planning, design and construction process.  Silich serves as an agent of the owner or developer by proactively representing the stakeholder’s interests throughout the project.        


Services include contract document review, coordination of bid packages and trades, quality assurance job site safety compliance and recommendations for alternative designs, materials  and systems.  Silich holds no sub or prime contracts and manages either a General Contractor or multiple contractors.


Post Construction



  • As Built Documentation Photo/Digital Video History

  • Operations & Mechanical Manuals/Warranty Programs

  • Maintenance & Life Cycle Schedules

  • Lien Releases by all Subcontractors and Vendors

  • Project Closeout - Certificate/s of Occupancy


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